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"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Brady tells Victor the only way he will forgive Victor is if he fires Xander. Victor doesn't want to since Xander saved Maggie's life, but he gives in. Zander hits rock bottom as Sarah wants nothing to do with him and he has lost his job. Justin overhears Kayla referring to Steve as the love of her life. Orpheus orders Marlena to give him $10 million or John will die. Zoey convinces Rafe she does not want her father to get near to David. Ben and Ciara continue to make wedding plans. Jake says Gabi is crazy when she insists he is Stefan. Gabi is arrested for drugging Abby. Abby agrees to seek treatment in Florida. Rolf tells Gabi he had nothing to do with Jake/Stefan but maybe someone else did. Xander realizes a drunken Sarah slept with Brady. Learning Maggie had nothing to do with Adrienne or her baby's death, Sarah bonds with her mother. Sonny confronts Evan about his misdeeds. Having kidnapped David, Orpheus pistol-whips John.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Scorpio wants to talk to Luke about Holly's demise. Learning Olivia is talking to a psychic about Dante, Ned thinks she is being used. Forced to marry Nelle or she will reveal he caused Lucas' car accident, Julian marries Nelle. He claims he is doing it so Wiley will have two parents. Martin grills Michael during the custody trial. Brooklyn realizes Valentin has a master plan. Scott warns Franco not to let Liz and Nikolas get too close. Sonny is torn when Mike is unresponsive. He is told Mike is ready to go but will not die until Sonny lets him go. TJ is having PTSD over his kidnapping. Molly has a dizzy spell. Now that she is disbarred, Alexis does not know what she is going to do with her life. Ava prepares for the unveiling of Franco's newest artwork. Sasha continues to use cocaine to make the Deception shoot perfect.




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