Jackson Browne on testing positive for COVID-19, his condition and passing it to his son

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LOS ANGELES -- First the good news: Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne says, "I'm OK -- I'm not bad at all" after learning this week that he has tested positive for COVID-19. His symptoms, he told The Times on Wednesday, are on the wane, and he believes he's one of the majority of those who become infected who are predicted to have mild symptoms and make a full recovery.

Browne shared his news this week, using his diagnosis to emphasize a message that "Everybody has a role to play in the health of the entire country, and of the world."

The 71-year-old musician spoke about how he thinks he contracted the virus, how he got tested and what he's doing while self-quarantining in his Los Angeles home.

Q: How are you feeling -- what symptoms have you had?

A: I'm OK -- I'm not bad at all. My physical symptoms have mostly abated. In fact, there's very little of it left.

Q: What prompted you to get tested -- were you feeling ill?


A: While I was working in the studio (after returning to L.A. from taking part in the Love Rocks benefit concert March 12 in New York), I was observing every precaution, swabbing everything down, washing hands regularly. As soon as I felt I like I had a bit of a temperature and a little cough, I shut down the work and told everyone, "We're done." The next day I arranged to take a test, then it was a day before I could do it. I heard right around then that somebody from the production crew of the Love Rocks show had come down with it. That was a strong indication to me that I probably did have it. But I didn't know until yesterday when my test came back (positive).

By that time, I wasn't getting sicker and sicker. It wasn't even the kind of sick where I'd miss a day of work, the kind of thing that would usually turn into a huge chest cough -- nothing like that, it was just weird. And that told me this was not like other colds or flu -- for me, anyway. I feel very fortunate. It didn't knock me out that bad. I have friends who were in the production crew in New York who are quite sick. It just goes to show that you don't know if you're going to be one of the ones who gets hit really hard by it.

Q: Were you hospitalized or prescribed any treatment?

A: No. If I were having trouble I think I would have been treated. If I was telling my doctor I couldn't breathe, I'd be getting something. I feel fortunate that I didn't have to go to the hospital or use any supplies or medications that others really need.


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