Now streaming: New movies available to watch at home during coronavirus

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Jane Austen -- meet Elisabeth Moss in a fight for her life against something she can't even see.

The quarantined citizen's home streaming life just got a little more interesting, and crowded, with the unprecedented early online viewing availability of some major 2020 titles. The films, to varying degrees, were laid low by COVID-19 and the cumulative global shutdown of movie theaters, along with virtually everything else.

Here you go, and there you have them.


A manic, moderately diverting babysitter of a Pixar movie, "Onward" does gets there by the end -- "there" being the place where the freneticism recedes, the main characters' emotional setbacks and defenses crumble and the audience is encouraged, by every possible storytelling mechanism, to cry along with the teenaged brothers voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Now available on demand and on Disney+ on April 3.



With "The Way Back," Ben Affleck didn't have to deliver his biggest or most attention-getting performance, simply -- and simplicity is hard -- his truest. Available on demand March 24.


"Bloodshot" wants to be a treatise of sorts on privatized surveillance, artificial intelligence and war profiteering. And in many ways, it pulls that off. Sony Pictures has announced plans to start digital sales of the film on March 24.



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