Stephen Amell gives recommendations to fans grieving the end of 'Arrow'

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Eight seasons came and went with CW's "Arrow" and along the way fans saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) mature from playboy to vigilante to father figure to savior of the world.

The trajectory was one to behold -- seeing a superhero forged from The Hood to the Green Arrow, who then passed his bow to the next generation. The series finale aired Jan. 28 and for fans of the man who made the salmon ladder look easy, it was a bittersweet ending that you knew had to come.

We chatted with Amell after the finale. The interview has been condensed and edited.

Q: Do you have suggestions for fans who are coping with the loss of Arrow?

A: There are just so many shows out there. I don't know, you can always start it from the beginning. Or go to Netflix.

Q: The bromance will be missed between John Diggle and Oliver ... there are few brotherhoods on TV with that commitment ...


A: I appreciate that. It was always fun working with David (Ramsey), but hopefully you'll be seeing other characters from "Arrow" in the spinoffs and get to see people pop up for some fond memories.

Q: You left us with the Canaries and Diggle as the new Green Lantern, any chance of your guesting on any spinoffs as Oliver again?

A: No. I'm done playing the character.

Q: Did you take any mementos from the set, to remember the eight seasons spent on the show?


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