Abigail Spencer takes on femme fatale role in 'Reprisal'

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"Who is the wicked stepmother, and who are the wicked stepsisters? We sort of do a lot of gender swapping. We do a lot of rewriting these fairy tales; you sort of have to look and find them in our show. And 'Beauty and the Beast,' what does beauty mean in today's society? What can it mean? And we play with all of those ideas and themes and so forth."


Dick Wolf, the executive producer behind all the "Law & Order" TV shows, says he doesn't like it when the narrative veers into the private lives of his cops and lawyers. He's strictly a fan of the procedure. And he certainly stresses that with his "Criminal Confessions," returning for its third season on Oxygen Saturday.

Each stand-alone episode follows a real case with real coppers in relentless pursuit of the unknown criminals. The audience is privy to the authentic interrogations of the suspects and eventual confession of the perpetrator. Saturday's 90-minute episode examines the infamous case of Chris Watts who was found guilty of murdering his wife, two daughters and unborn son.

The series offers the viewer new insight on the dedication and dogged work of the police and the impenetrable landscape of the evil mind.


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