Jimi Hendrix would have turned 77 last week. Here's how Seattle's hometown music legend lives on

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In December 2018, Rietmulder reported that a Renton post office changed its name to the James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix Post Office. It stands less than one mile from where the legendary guitarist is buried at Greenwood Memorial Park cemetery:

"No amount of public memorials may ever match the cultural impact Jimi Hendrix had during his all-too-short life, but that hasn't stopped local officials from further cementing his legacy around our region. Once a leading figure of the counterculture viewed warily by the federal government, the music icon will now have a post office near his hometown named after him. ...

"Before rising to international fame in the late 1960s, Hendrix grew up in Seattle, spending much of his youth in the Central District and attending Garfield High School. There's no shortage of Hendrix tributes scattered around his hometown -- from the statue on Broadway to his namesake park adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) -- etching 'Seattle's most recognizable son,' as the museum's director LaNesha DeBardelaben described him, into the city's history."

The Hendrix Post Office joined a list of many local Hendrix tributes. In 2011, as planning for the Jimi Hendrix Park continued, The Seattle Times compiled a list of Seattle-area Hendrix memorials. His childhood home is not listed, as it was demolished in March 2009:

"After Seattle spent years struggling to find a way to meaningfully honor the famed rock star, the Jimi Hendrix Park opened in June 2017.

"Purple guitars, purple walkways and a crowd of purple-clad families adorned the newest park in the Central District on Saturday -- the long awaited Jimi Hendrix Park.


Every inch of the park is a testament to Hendrix's work and legacy -- down to the shape of the park itself. The walkways form the outline of a guitar, and 12 'frets' in the instrument's neck tell the timeline of Hendrix's life."

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