Ms. Monopoly is here. But what took so long given that the game was a woman's idea?

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Decades later, unemployed salesman Charles Darrow repackaged the game that he'd been taught by friends and sold it as his own creation in 1935.

Curiously, Hasbro made no mention of Magie in its Tuesday press release and did little to explain her omission when pressed by The Times.

"The Monopoly game as we know it was invented by Charles Darrow, who sold his idea to Parker Brothers in 1935," a spokeswoman for Hasbro told The Times Tuesday. "However, there have been a number of popular property trading games throughout history. Elizabeth Magie -- a writer, inventor, and feminist -- was one of the pioneers of land-grabbing games. In 1904, she received a patent for the Landlord's Game, which was meant to educate people about the dangers of wealth concentration."

Meanwhile, to celebrate next month's launch of Ms. Monopoly and spotlight other women who have challenged the status quo, Hasbro surprised several young female inventors and entrepreneurs with the game and approximately $20,580 in real money "to fuel their inventive spirit and further their projects." A trio of teenage girls was featured in a video vignette announcing Ms. Monopoly's launch.

Ms. Monopoly is the latest revamp of the treasured boardgame, which has seen thousands of spin-offs and themed reboots since its official debut in the Depression era. (The game even did away with the scorned thimble piece back in 2017.)


The new game is available for pre-order now at Walmart and will be available at most major retailers nationwide and in select countries globally starting later this month for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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