New on DVD: 'Hustle' comes up short; 'Arrow' hits target

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A failed con job and a heroic rise are subjects of two new DVD releases this week.

"The Hustle"; 1 star: The biggest con in the new comedy "The Hustle" is the ball of comedy fire Rebel Wilson and the versatile Anne Hathaway have come together to make a movie that is going to be entertaining. That's criminally not the case. What they have dropped is an insulting reimagining of the clever 1988 feature "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" built on uninspired writing and predictable plot twists.

The only way a movie built around con artists works is if the writing is so intelligent that at least one major twist will get a gasp from the audience. Check out "Ocean's 8" for a great example. Sadly, the big twist from director Chris Addison is so obvious, the only way it could have been more transparent would have been to buy a major billboard outside every movie complex with the twist printed in massive letters.

It only takes a few minutes to realize "The Hustle" has little going for it other than Wilson and Hathaway.

"Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season"; 3 stars: The series is based on the DC Comics character, but it's anything but a comic book-inspired TV show. "Arrow"'s core has always been family drama, which gets ramped up even more with this season as Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) faces a relative problem.

The season picks up with Queen's decision to turn himself over to the FBI and reveal his identity as the Green Arrow to the public. For five months, his team is left behind to protect Star City. Once Queen gets out of prison, the series gains real steam, including a glimpse into the future.


There is plenty of action for those who like productions based on comic books, but "Arrow" is so much more.


"Perception": Wes Ramsey stars in this tale of a real estate developer whose life is changed by a psychic reading.

"The Harder They Come": Young Jamaican man who wants to be a singer gets involved with corrupt record producers and drug pushers. Originally released in 1972.


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