'Love Island' comes to the U.S.: 10 things you need to know about the British reality TV sensation

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"The people that we cast were in many cases already familiar with the British version, and even for those who weren't, they made themselves familiar with it," Eilenberg explains. "It's very much to our advantage that all of our Islanders know what they're walking into it, and they're really excited about it."

The crew is familiar with the series too -- many of the staffers are producers and editors who have worked on international versions of "Love Island" in Australia, the U.K. and Germany. "It's such a demanding production model that you really want to have that institutional knowledge of how to execute the show," says Eilenberg.

Why Fiji?

While the U.K. show has been set in and around the Mediterranean, Eilenberg said CBS went with Fiji -- where "Survivor" also shoots -- because it "meant something to Americans."

"It feels like a place you would want to come and fall in love."


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