What to watch when 'Big Bang Theory' ends? 10 more shows that celebrate nerd life

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"The Big Bang Theory" concludes its 12-season run Thursday. Here are some other shows featuring brainy protagonists.

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends" (1959-64): Featuring Mr. Peabody, the brainy beagle who would rather time-travel through history than drink from the toilet.

"Happy Days" (1974-84): Fonzie may have been the epitome of cool-a-mundo, but at the end of the day, he spent more time with Potsie than Pinky Tuscadero.

"Square Pegs" (1982-83): Before taking Manhattan in "Sex and the City," Sarah Jessica Parker was trying desperately to navigate the high-school hallways.

"Frasier" (1993-2004): We thought Frasier Crane was the most peculiar fusspot we'd ever fallen for. Then we met his brother, Niles.

"Freaks and Geeks" (1999-2000): The title says it all. The kids never really came out on top, but it was a kick watching them try.

"The IT Crowd" (2006-10): Imagine if Dilbert got transferred to London and you'll have a pretty good sense of the typical workday in this cult classic.

"Chuck" (2007-12): Before donning Shazam's cape, Zachary Levi was using superpowers to help the CIA, at least when he wasn't manning the IT desk at a Best Buy rip-off.


"Parks and Recreation" (2009-15): Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope just barely squeaks by Tina Fey's Liz Lemon on "30 Rock" for the title of Nerd Queen.

"Community" (2009-15): This classic offered a wide range of geeks, from Abed, a walking encyclopedia of pop-culture trivia, to Annie, who's desperate to hang with the cool crowd.

"Silicon Valley" (2014- ): Creator Mike Judge appears to be as knowledgeable about the tech world as Bill Gates, but with smarter jokes.

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