Review: Like a dragon joyride, 'Game of Thrones' season opener thrills

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Other leaders of local houses were also uncomfortable with the presence of Dany and Tyrion Lannister during a war council. She assuaged their nerves by reminding the angry crowd that only allied forces can beat the White Walkers, and she brings legions of fighters and two full-grown dragons to the game.

Sansa, who's unimpressed and a bit disgusted at the mention of the giant lizards, asked "What do dragons eat?"

"Whatever they want," replied their protective mother.

A new battle begins.

Snow, meanwhile, got in hot water again thanks to his earnestness and valor. It must be exhausting to be so honorable. "You left a king and came back as what?" asked locals who were upset he pledged his loyalty to the Targaryen queen.

"It's not important," said Snow.


"It is! We named you King in the North!"

"I had a choice to keep my crown or protect the North. I chose the North," he responded.

His steadfast conviction, however, was later shaken when Sansa caught him alone and asked if he bent the knee for the North or for love? He was flummoxed.

Mini-battle No. 3: Snow's internal tug of war.


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