Nicole Kidman 'bled' for 'Destroyer.' Her reward: a Golden Globe nomination

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In "Destroyer," Nicole Kidman plays a Los Angeles detective broken by her past and out for revenge. It's role unlike any the 51-year-old actress has ever played, which is saying something given her long and varied career, and it resulted in a Golden Globe nomination for lead actress in a motion picture drama.

Kidman won two Golden Globes last year, for producing and starring in the HBO limited series "Big Little Lies." She has four other wins and a total of 14 nominations. She's thrilled to be returning to the party for a low-budget indie movie close to her heart. (The movie opens Christmas Day.)

Q: Where were you when you heard the news?

A: I just got off a plane from Australia. That's why my voice sounds all froggy. I was there for a couple of weeks to take care of my mom and do the Australian film awards. So I landed at 6 here in Los Angeles, turned on my phone and it just blew up with all these text messages. I couldn't be happier. For "Destroyer" to get acknowledged like this ... it's so important for this little, independent film.

Q: Because "Destroyer" is not an easy film. And playing this character took you on a real journey.

A: I'm in every frame of the film. And you're right, it's not an easy film, and she's not an easy character to embrace. I wasn't sure I wanted to play her, honestly. In the middle of filming, I wondered what I had gotten myself into ... but that happens a lot with me. I don't want to be pigeonholed, so I take these parts and then the terror seeps in.

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I see my character in this movie as deeply female. She's a tough, dangerous woman. And hopefully, with this kind of female being recognized like this, it will make financiers want to support and make low-budget, indie movies with female directors and complicated, daring women characters.

Q: Have you spoken with director Karyn Kusama? She must be ecstatic.

A: I have. I share this with Karyn. This movie is her baby, and this nomination is such an acknowledgement for her. Living with this character for several weeks wasn't easy, and having a collaborator like her made it possible.

Q: When we spoke last month, you told me that you brought the character home -- it was impossible not to do that. And by the end, 1/8your husband3/8 Keith 1/8Urban3/8 was asking, "Why in the hell did you take this role?"


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