'Bodyguard' star Richard Madden talks about his Golden Globe nomination and those 'flattering' James Bond rumors

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Ushered out of Winterfell and the violent world of "Game of Thrones" with the much-remembered so-called Red Wedding episode, Scottish actor Richard Madden is a long way from Robb Stark in the Golden Globe-nominated "Bodyguard."

A breakout hit in the U.K. in August before arriving on Netflix this fall, "Bodyguard" earned a series nomination in the TV drama category and an acting nod for Madden, who portrays Sgt. David Budd. A PTSD-afflicted veteran of the Afghanistan war, Budd finds himself in a tangled web of terror plots and conspiracies while weathering conflicted feelings about being assigned to protect a politician who was an advocate for the war.

Below, Madden talks a bit about his experience on "Bodyguard" as well as those pesky, tabloid-born James Bond rumors that have been swirling in the U.K.

Q: So, how's your morning going?

A: Kind of mad, yeah. Kind of crazy.

Q: Where were you when you found out about your nomination?

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A: I'm in a studio in London, a voice-over studio because I'm recording a documentary. So it's taken me a little bit of coming down to be able to get back in the studio.

Q: Did the news catch you off guard?

A: It absolutely floored me. I never even dreamed -- I didn't even think that would ever be an option. I'm kind of overwhelmed.

Q: The show was a bit of a departure from that little knights-and-dragons show where a lot of people last saw you -- I was so happy you survived this whole season, by the way.


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