No joke — Kathy Griffin plans comeback with gigs in New York and D.C.

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Kathy Griffin is plotting her move back to the spotlight.

The red-haired comedian, who has been in a self-imposed exile since last May after provoking a furor with a photo in which she held up a bloody-looking mask disguised as the severed head of President Trump, has booked a pair of major comedy gigs.

"I'm going to do a show at Carnegie Hall in New York," she announced on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Friday. "And I'm going to go right into Trump's backyard and do a show at the Kennedy Center."

Griffin's website also announces smaller shows in San Francisco, Seattle and Boston through June.

Of her return, Griffin told Maher: "I'm not decimated."

Then she raised her arms and gave the finger to the air above her -- to appreciative applause from the audience. (The interview is available on "Real Time's" YouTube account. It is laced with comedic profanities.)

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Griffin became persona non grata in Hollywood following the appearance of what she labeled as a satirical photo. Trump described the image as "Sick!" Many others -- both pro- and anti-Trump -- were also critical, including Chelsea Clinton, who condemned the photo on Twitter as "vile and wrong."

The image, taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, also drew the attention of authorities, including the Secret Service, who interviewed Griffin at length.

Several venues where Griffin had been scheduled to perform pulled her from their schedules, and CNN ousted her from its annual New Year's Eve broadcast that for 10 years had teamed her with Anderson Cooper. Cooper also tweeted his disapproval of the image, describing it as "disgusting and completely inappropriate."

Though Griffin announced in July that she had been "completely exonerated" in the Secret Service investigation, some media outlets surmised that she would remain "unemployable."


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