Television Q&A: What more can you tell me about actor Richard Madden?

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Q: I recently saw the Disney version of "Cinderella" with Lily James and Richard Madden as the prince. What can you tell me about this actor who played the prince?

A: While that 2015 live-action version of "Cinderella" was a tidy hit around the world, Scotland-born actor Madden was already known for playing Robb Stark in the HBO series "Game of Thrones." (He is no longer on the series, for reasons I will not spoil here.) He began acting professionally when he was 11, but he did not fully commit to an acting career until he was 17. Then, he told the Scotsman newspaper, "I got to the point when they ask you to choose what to do for the rest of your life and I knew there was nothing else I wanted to do more." He is now 31, with an array of film, television and stage roles behind him, including a stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Q: Do you know if -- or when "The Brave" will be returning on NBC? This is one of the absolute best new shows in a decade.

A: The military drama is one of three that premiered on broadcast networks this year, along with "Valor" on The CW and "SEAL Team" on CBS. So let's recap all their status.

"Valor" and "The Brave" have each completed their first seasons, which consisted of 13 episodes apiece. "Valor" hoped for an order for additional episodes, which it did not get. The Hollywood Reporter reported that "The Brave" was meant to have a 13-episode season although, with better ratings, more first-season "Brave" telecasts "would not have been out of the question." Still, neither show has been canceled or renewed for next season, so keep an eye out for network announcements in the spring.

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"SEAL Team," meanwhile, was picked up for a full, 22-episode first season less than a month after its premiere last fall, and its chances of a second season look good.


Q: Does Tom Ellis do his own singing and piano playing on "Lucifer"?

A: Yes, he is singing. In fact, in one TV interview near the end of the Fox series' first season, he said that singing was something he especially enjoyed on the show because "music is a big part of my life." But that is not his piano playing. He told ScreenerTV.com that "I can play a little bit, but piano was never my instrument. ... Hopefully people believe I'm actually tinkling those ivories."


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