'Thoroughbreds' is smart, amoral comedy en route to a cult following

Colin Covert, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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Finley's female leads, in contrast, are larger than life, vibrant with energy, and, like sharks, always moving forward. As is the film. "Thoroughbreds" shows how to create a polished noir gem with a small cast, a handful of beautifully decorated sets, gliding, voyeuristic steadicam work and superb sound design. I don't think the scraping blades of unseen kitchen knives has ever been so spine-chilling. And there aren't enough words of praise for Erik Friedlander's unearthly musical score.

Something wicked your way comes, and it really should not be missed.


4 stars

Rating: R for disturbing behavior, bloody images, language, sexual references and some drug content.

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