Stephen Colbert behind animated look at President Trump

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There's also a part of Colbert that sees it as his responsibility to be a watchdog.

"I think the purpose of the show, or rather what we take as our purpose, is to listen to what people have been talking about today and go out there and give our opinion on it. Basically, that's what jokes are, just opinion. So we give our opinion on the things that they've heard today," Colbert says. "I have to go out there and explain to the audience before I ever do the show what has happened so they can have a thought and opinion about it.

"We can share that moment, that moment of community of 'God, can you believe this thing that just happened? Here is what we think about it.'"

The voice talent for the show includes: Jeff Bergman as Donald Trump; Cody Lindquist as Melania Trump; William Sadler as John F. Kelly; Zach Cherry as Ben Carson; James Adomian as Ted Cruz; and Griffin Newman as Jared Kushner.

R.J. Fried, an executive producer on "Our Cartoon President," explains hundreds of actors auditioned to be the voice of Trump. They settled on Bergman, who has worked on a long list of animated shows, including "Family Guy" and "The Looney Tunes Show."

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"Basically, we needed a voice that you could live with long term," Fried says. "There's some really wonderful ones out there, many of them who are already on the air, but we felt like his was the most real and had the most humanity within it."


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