'Black Panther' pulls no punches in action, social issues

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"When Ryan sat me down and talked to me about his vision, and the story, and the characters, and the women, I was just floored because you don't actually get to hear that often. You don't actually get sat down and hear that type of a vision," Gurira says. "There's so many great things I could say about how Ryan developed these women characters and allowed us to collaborate.

"I feel really blessed and excited."

Wright adds that not only are the women strong, but the men are very supportive of that. This isn't a case, she stresses, where the males feel threatened and try to undermine the women, but are behind everything they want to do, whether it be a fearless warrior or a technology whiz.

Her character is one of the best examples as she not only creates all of the weaponry that Black Panther uses but at the same time can show a very human side. It is Shuri who is often the first to take some of the wind out of her brother if he tends to get a little too pompous.

The strength Lupita Nyong'o, who plays royal guard member Nakia, saw in the film was it represents each female as a unique individual without pitting the women against each other.


"I think that's a very, very powerful message to send to children, both male and female," Nyong'o says. "I think often times in movies we fall into that trap where there's very few of us and then we are against each other. There's a competitive spirit and stuff like that and this film freezes all that.

"We see women going about their business and supporting each other, even arguing with each other. But still not being against each other and I think that's extremely important. In this film there's so many of us, we really get a sense of the fabric of Wakanda as a nation and we see women alongside men and we see how much more effective a society can be if they allow women to explore their full potential."

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