'Last Jedi' cast reveals tidbits about next 'Star Wars' film

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"There probably will be some who will see nothing," Driver says. "Whatever is happening in your life speaks to you in a different way than anyone else."

11. The theme of growing up is continued. Johnson explains in all of the "Star Wars" movies the hero's journey is not about becoming a hero, but about the transition from childhood into adulthood and finding your place in the world. That was the case with Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy, and now Rey is filling that role.

Hamill says the line that best explains his journey has been that "this is not going to go through the way you think."

12. War is hell, even in space. Boyega points out that all of the "Star Wars" movies have dealt with war, and "The Last Jedi" explores that theme more than any of the past installments.

13. There is a big difference between the film and all the other "Star Wars" movies. According to Hamill, "The Last Jedi" is longer than the past installments. The running time is currently listed at two hours and 32 minutes. The running time of "Star Wars: The Last Hope" is two hours and five minutes.


14. Carrie Fisher had a massive impact on all members of the cast. Each applauded how much energy, talent, spunk and humor the actress brought to the set as General Leia. Christie was a huge fan of how Fisher was changing the world before being cast to be in a film with her.

"I was first shown 'A New Hope' when I was 6, and I remember thinking 'Wow, that character is really different.' It stayed with me through my formative years that she's really smart, really funny. She's courageous. She's bold. And, she doesn't care what people think and isn't prepared to be told what to do," Christie says. "There was inspiration there that you could be an individual and celebrate yourself and be successful without making some big compromise."

15. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" opens Dec. 15.

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