'Last Jedi' cast reveals tidbits about next 'Star Wars' film

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The only thing Hamill will confirm is he will be in "The Last Jedi" at least twice as long as he was in "The Force Awakens." He was in the 2015 "Star Wars" movie a total of 39 seconds.

5. The team of Rey and Finn is breaking up. One of the strongest parts of "The Force Awakens" was the relationship between the two characters. But, according to Ridley and Boyega, the two go in separate directions for "Jedi."

Ridley says, "Because of the way people responded to John and I as a team, I was worried about not being a team not so much in this one. So I think for me personally, it was a challenge -- the film was a challenge -- to be in different combinations of people."

6. There will be no Ewoks. When asked if the furry creatures from "Return of the Jedi" will make an appearance in the new film, Johnson says the only way a person will see Wicket and the gang in the movie depends on how many drugs they take before the screening.

7. More will be revealed about Kylo Ren (Driver) and General Hux (Gleeson). The background of the competition between the two major villains will be revealed. Driver praises Johnson for being able to put together a movie with so many big special effects and characters while being able to find time to provide a look at the personal stories.

Gleeson adds, "There's a huge amount of bing and in-fighting. It is really fun to see them hurt each other from the inside as well as the outside."


8. Things aren't going well. Despite a big victory at the end of "The Force Awakens," the Resistance is in trouble and on the verge of being defeated.

9. The death of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in "The Force Awakens" will impact Rey deeply. Ridley points out that in the first film, Rey had lived on her own for years and never had a real parental figure in her life. That changed when Solo came into her life.

"He was a figure that she had never dreamed of for her, and he was snatched away," Ridley says.

10. "The Last Jedi" continues the trend of delivering messages about hope, courage, family, etc. Driver says what message the moviegoer finds in the film will be up to the individual.


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