An immersive theater piece that'll have you 'Caught' up in ideas

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Iskandar, making his L.A. directing debut, has fun further warping expectations by taking abrupt turns into Douglas Sirk social melodrama or "Twilight Zone" disorientation.

Among the phrases that pop out: "The truth does not lie in the specific facts." "America places a high premium on 'truth.' No persons of any other culture get more defensive when questioned over their 'truth.'" "I have looked for truth but have only seen lies."

The more you participate, the more you will get out of the experience. Look around. Ask questions. Keep revisiting the video slide show at the entrance; it has a tendency to change. Look closely at the promotional enlargement of Lin's book cover. At the reception afterward, look for something familiar flashing across the room's video installation. Read the fortunes in the cookies.

The event's multiplicity is due in part to the mash-up of its presenters: Firefly Theater & Films, VS. Theatre Company and the venue, Think Tank Gallery.

You might spot imperfections or quibble with the directions taken, but you'll applaud the folks you've encountered -- Changchien, Jackie Chung, Jessica Kaye and Steven Klein -- as well as visual artists Mei Xian Qiu, Rafael Hayashi and Teddy Kelly; scenic designer Stephen Gifford; projection designer Jeffrey Teeter; and enough other contributors to fill a small city.

One thing that's certain: You'll leave with a better appreciation of life's shifting perspectives, this Rubik's Cube of reality.

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