A look at concerts and other events taken over by deadly violence

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Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest country music festival was tragically cut short Sunday night when a gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing 58 people and wounding nearly 500 others. The attack took place during the headlining set by Jason Aldean, who later called the events "beyond horrific."

The incident was only the most recent in a long line of attacks and mass murders perpetrated at live events and theaters, from the disorder and death at a Northern California rock festival to the recent bombing of a British pop concert.

Dec. 6, 1969

Altamont Speedway chaos

A hastily organized outdoor concert headlined by the Rolling Stones and taking place 50 miles east of San Francisco descended into chaos amid overdoses, accidents and violence. The melee reached a peak when a concert attendee named Meredith Hunter drew a gun and was stabbed to death near the stage by members of the Hells Angels, who were hired as the event's security. The killing was captured on film and included in the 1970 documentary "Gimme Shelter." Several other fatal incidents were reported, with one concertgoer drowning in a canal and two more dying after being run over by a car.

Oct. 23, 2002

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Moscow theater hostage crisis

During a sold-out performance of the musical "Nord-Ost," the Dubrovka Theater was seized by more than 40 armed Chechen separatists, led by Movsar Barayev, who were demanding Russia's withdrawal from Chechnya. The attackers took 850 hostages and killed two of them after two days. On the fourth day of the standoff, Russian special forces pumped an unidentified gas into the theater's ventilation system, which ended up killing all of the attackers but also killed 130 of the hostages.

Dec. 8, 2004

Alrosa Villa nightclub shooting


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