How to Wear Jewelry: 4 Tips for Women


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For 58% of women, jewelry is a preferred gift on special occasions. But do all women know how to wear it?

If you like the way jewelry looks, but find yourself never actually wearing it, you may be wondering how to wear jewelry. What at first seems simple can soon feel overwhelming when you try to match jewelry to an outfit for a special occasion.

Follow these tips to make choosing and wearing jewelry simple!

1. Wear High-Quality Jewelry

You don’t need a lot of types of jewelry in your box as long as the items you own are of high quality. It’s very noticeable when someone is wearing cheap, costume jewelry. Plus, cheap jewelry degrades over time and starts to look worse.

You can actually save money in the long run by buying expensive jewelry that will last your whole life (or even generations!). Instead of cheap, retail store jewelry, consider buying unique handmade jewelry or something special from a professional jeweler.

2. Be Conservative With The Amount You Wear

An old piece of advice about wearing jewelry says you should always remove one piece before stepping out of the house.

While that may be a little extreme, there’s a kernel of truth to it. You don’t want to overwhelm your body or style with too many jewelry pieces. You should wear the jewelry – the jewelry should not wear you.

3. Learn Your Necklines

Different necklines on tops and dresses call for different kinds of necklaces! One of the best fashion tips we can give is to learn the differences between them.

The general rule is that the lower the neckline the longer the necklace. You should use a necklace as a way to add a little bit of coverage to what would otherwise be naked skin.

Your necklace should never sit directly on the neckline of your top. There should be some space between them. If you are wearing a mock neck or turtle neck, you can’t wear a choker because it’s too close to the neckline. In this case, the necklace can be longer than the neckline and you can wear a princess length or longer pendant.

4. Choose One Focal Point

Every time you put together jewelry for an outfit you should choose one spot to be the focal point. Jewelry for women can be broken up into two categories – statement pieces and supporting pieces.

If you have too many statement pieces in a single outfit, the eye will be overwhelmed and won’t know what to focus on. Your jewelry can and should complement each other, but don’t let them compete for attention.

How to Wear Jewelry And Actually Like It

Previously, you may have felt overwhelmed when trying to choose how to wear jewelry and when. But with these tips, choosing beautiful pieces every day should be easy and fun!

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