How to Choose the Best Video Transfer Service: Your Quick Guide


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Videos are not just on YouTube. A 2017 survey revealed that 17% of Americans still rely on their VCRs.

VCRs are going to break as the years go by, so many Americans need a video transfer service. Yet few people know exactly what a video to digital transfer service.

What does a video transfer service offer? How can you know that you are finding the right one? How can you assess the quality of a particular service?

Answer these questions and you can preserve your videos for decades to come. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of a Video Transfer Service

A video transfer service transmits videos between different devices. Some electronics require special formats in order to play videos. This means that someone must convert a video file into a new format.

In particular, home movies need to be converted so someone can play them on a laptop. Fewer people own a VCR, meaning that many VHS tapes will be lost unless someone converts them.

Variety of Services

The most important part of a film transfer service is their services range. They should be able to handle all kinds of home movies and convert them into different formats.

Nearly all services work with VHS tapes. But they should also learn how to convert MiniDV, MicroMV, and Digital8 files.

They should convert files into the most modern formats. They should make MP4, MOV, and WMV files.

You should ask to see samples of their work so you understand their technical competence. You should compare the work of this service to that service so you know you are selecting the right one.


Data safety is the most underrated factor in video transfer. It is very easy for a file to become corrupted or to lose details in the transfer process. The colors may be thrown off, or a converted file may lose sound.

A computer can crash and thousands of videos can become lost. The service should have off-site storage, including computer drives and flash drives.

Ask a video tape transfer service you plan on hiring what they do to preserve files. They should talk about storing files and their transfer process.

Customer Reviews

You should check the company’s Facebook and Yelp pages for reviews. If they do not have a Facebook and/or Yelp account, you should not hire them.

If their reviews are negative, you should not hire them. Do not just look at the star rating and the number of reviews. Go and read the actual reviews themselves and assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

How to Choose a Video Transfer Service

A video transfer service can save your personal videos. All service providers take home movies in old formats and convert them into new ones.

A provider should be able to handle many different kinds of files. The employees should produce new videos in several modern formats.

But they should prioritize safety. No file should ever get corrupted or lost due to a computer crash. Customer reviews should assert that the company is timely, diligent, and effective.

Once you modernize your videos, you can modernize all of your files. Find out how by following our coverage.



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