5 Gun Training Tips to Get Started


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Gun safety is a very important factor before you even set foot in the store to purchase a weapon. You should have some idea of how to shoot a gun as well as the maintenance and safety principles before you start using a weapon.

We’re going to talk through a few gun training tips for you to think about before you go out and pick up a gun. Hopefully, this gun safety guide will serve as a good starting point for you to enjoy a safe relationship with firearms.

Let’s get started.

1. Work With a Professional First

The first thing you should do is consult with a gun expert. Someone who’s trained and has the ability to teach others to shoot is the first person to visit.

You can find resources for these individuals at your local gun range, or on the website of a local gun club or range. Start off on the right food and build habits based on the insights of the experts.

2. Practice Firing Dry

A “dry fire” is the act of shooting a gun that doesn’t have any bullets. This allows you to get familiar with the specific gun that you own, as well as the process of reloading, cleaning, and putting the safety on.

Doing this is similar to learning to ride a bike with training wheels. The stakes are higher in this case, though, so be sure to get a clear understanding of the weapon before you put bullets in.

3. Invest in Storage and Holsters

You should also have a clear plan of where you’re going to store your gun when you’re not using it. Further, have a position to place the weapon when it’s on your person and you’re not holding it.

Alien Gear holsters at Red River Range are good options.

4. Follow Cleaning Procedures

Misfiring can occur when you aren’t cleaning your gun as well as you should be. Any gun manual contains a clear description of cleaning procedures, and it’s important that you make note of those and put them into practice.

Doing so will keep your gun around for a lot longer than it would last otherwise. Further, dirty guns can jam, misfire, and do a number of other things that put your safety at risk.

5. Practice at The Range

A gun range is the only place you should be shooting when you’re starting out. Either that or on a property with the presence of an expert shooter who understands gun safety and the particulars of your weapon.

Over time, following the tips above will lead to a healthy and safe relationship with your weapon that allows you to branch out and carry a firearm in a safe manner.

Need More Gun Training Tips?

Knowing how to shoot a gun is a valuable skill, but it’s one that has to be worked for. It’s not all about pulling the trigger, there’s a lot more behind-the-scenes work that creates a safe shooter. Hopefully, our gun safety guide provided some practical gun tips for you to use.

Explore our site for more gun training ideas, practices, and ways to make your relationship with the firearm a more enjoyable one.




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