5 Christian Movies You’ll Be Glad You Watched


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Did you know that watching movies together helps build bonds between family and friends? Add some new films to your watch list. If you’d like some recommendations of Christian movies, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over Christian movies you should watch.

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1. The Case for Christ

An investigative journalist, Lee Strobel, tries to disprove his wife’s new faith. Lee uses his legal and journalistic skills to investigate.

After investigating for around two years, he discovers historical evidence for Jesus. Lee was once an atheist but found a new faith.

2. War Room

War Room focuses on how the main character learns to make prayer a significant part of her life. The character has a prayer room and prays for her marriage and struggles.

In the prayer room, the main character spends time talking to God and asking Him for intervention.

The movie focuses on how you can overcome various struggles in a marriage and make things work. Enjoy watching this film with your spouse or with friends.

No matter if you’re single or married, you will get something out of this film. You’ll feel encouraged about the importance of prayer after watching this movie.

3. Facing the Giants

If you’re looking for an inspiring Christian movie, check out Facing the Giants. This movie is a drama and full of action.

The film follows a football coach who helps encourage his team, who is an underdog.

4. Courageous

Courageous is one of the top Christian movies to watch. The movie, Courageous is about four law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement officers face different issues and dangers while working the streets. But in the film, they also have to learn how to overcome the challenge of fatherhood.

The movie focuses on family and teaches viewers about life, character, and integrity. The film explores raising children, supporting family, and balancing a demanding career.

5. Priceless

In this film, a man is at the crossroads of his life. He’s feeling angry after his wife passed away, also lost custody of his daughter.

The main character, James, isn’t able to keep a job but ends up agreeing to drive a truck across the country for cash.

Yet, during the journey, he realizes the cargo is two young women. The two sisters in the vehicle will get sold into the sex trade. He decides to try and save the two sisters.

Joel Smallbone from for King and Country stars in this film. The film focuses on the desperation a person finds themselves in when they have to make the right choice.

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Now You Know What Christian Movies to Watch

We hope this guide on Christian movies was helpful. Make sure you add these movies to your list. Consider watching War Room with your spouse, and check out Facing the Giants with sports fans.

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