6 Secrets to Growing Your Instagram Profile


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Instagram currently hosts more than 1.16 billion active users.

With this many people scrolling the platform on a daily basis, it’s no wonder Instagram has become such a valuable platform for business growth. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t seeing nearly the return from their Instagram profile that they have the potential to.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to scale your Instagram profile and maximize your visibility. Follow along for six fail-proof secrets today.

1. Produce Quality Content

First things first, your page needs to be inviting for your visitors. Ultimately, your goal is to get them to hit that follow button and stay in touch but to do this, you’ll need valuable, entertaining content that’s worth following.

Your content should be on-brand with enough variety to keep existing followers interested and new ones intrigued.

This may mean investing in some camera gear, having a professional product shoot, or upping your content creation team.

2. Focus on Engagement

Now that your posts are compelling, you’ll need to feed into the Instagram algorithm by boosting engagement.

Structure your post copy in a way that triggers conversation and engages with each and every comment for as long as possible. This back and forth will not only place you higher on that followers feed but will actually encourage others to check out your high-performing post.

3. Invest in Paid Instagram Followers

While free Instagram followers are great, if your page isn’t attracting traffic, a great option is to buy Instagram followers.

By using paid Instagram followers to boost your numbers, you’ll have a chance to get in front of more eyes and hit those valuable trending pages. Once you buy followers, you can use this momentum to build engagement, establish authority, and grow your Instagram profile.

4. Find Prime Posting Times

Work with your Instagram analytics to discover when your target audience is online and utilize this knowledge.

Schedule your posts to go live at peak hours and try to focus the majority of your engagement into these windows. Brands who respond quickly to comments and messages are a hit on Instagram and earn more followers purely based on their great customer experience!

5. Be Consistent

Your sporadic posting schedule isn’t helping you grow. In fact, it may be losing you valuable visitors.

To get the most out of this platform, you must be as consistent as possible. Your audience wants to see high-quality and interesting content regularly and failure to provide it can result in an unfollow.

Discover more helpful tips to help you retain your Instagram followers here.

6. Listen to Feedback

Instagram Analytics is designed to give you constructive and valuable feedback on your posts, stories, and more. However, for this data to have any impact, you must listen and implement data-driven changes.

Pay attention to what posts perform the best for your brand and leverage this information to gain visibility. These numbers are practically screaming answers for Instagram growth at you if you are willing to listen.

Grow Your Instagram Profile

Whether you are looking to grow your Instagram profile with free Instagram followers or invest in a jump-start method with paid Instagram followers, we’re confident these tips and tricks will start you in the right direction. From engagement to frequency, you’ve got the know-how to get more followers fast!

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