Africa Destinations to Visit on Your Next Vacation


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Bordered by the Indian, Pacific, and Southern oceans, the continent of Africa offers a vast expanse of everything from deserts to rainforests. Even more, diversity stems from the cultures across the land.

Research suggests that 98% of modern human DNA traces back to Africa. This makes it the likely nursery of our evolution.

While you cannot realistically visit all of Africa in one vacation, it offers so many wonderful destinations to choose from. Read on to learn about some of the most exciting Africa destinations for your next vacation!


Landlocked in Central Africa, the country of Zambia sits on its namesake river that allows the nation to flow with life. In Zambia, you will experience ethnic diversity making it beautiful and interesting.

Stay in one of the family safari lodges where they take safety seriously as they present you with the time of your life.

Safari Tour

Drive along the Lungwa river where you will see a variety of animals gathering to bathe and feed. A guided walking tour will make you feel a part of it all but never take to the trails alone.

Canoe safaris down the Zambia River allow you to look out from the very center of it all. But, this is not for the faint of heart as you will pass bloats of hippos and floats of crocodiles along the way.

Victoria Falls

Don’t miss one of the most spectacular natural sights in Africa. While you may not want to access the best viewing site in Zimbabwe due to political turmoil, the view from Zambia will still take your breath away. The people who live around the falls refer to it as “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, translated to Smoke That Thunders, for good reason.


Visit a land famous for its mystery. Discover some of the world’s greatest wonders firsthand in Egypt. It may change your entire outlook on life.

The Great Pyramids

Gaze in awe at the great pyramids as you learn about the rich history. For a small fee, you can actually enter these tombs. Unfortunately, you cannot explore too deep to discover the mysteries of the structures’ hidden chambers because they only allow tourists in a little.

Nile Tour

Take a ride down Africa’s longest river, the Nile, for an exciting nature watch. Don’t forget to scuba in the infamous Red Sea. It probably won’t part during your trip, but you will see find bright and beautiful coral reefs teeming with life!


You can only find the great gorillas in their natural habitat by visiting very localized portions of Africa. In Rwanda, you can go gorilla trekking to see these beautiful endangered species. Always go with experts as you can run into many dangers exploring the forests of Africa alone.

Find Excitement in Africa Destinations

If you want beauty, history, diversity, and an adrenaline rush all in one, choose from one of these Africa destinations. Let the wildland call you back home to discover your roots and immerse yourself in a mix of nature and rich culture while you visit Africa.

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