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If you’ve ever taken a group of people on a trip, chances are it didn’t go exactly as planned. Maybe the plan was too ambitious, or maybe not enough time was allowed for getting there and back. Or maybe everyone wanted to do different things at once.

Whatever the problem, we all have them when planning a group’s activities together. So here are effective tips on how to plan a group trip.

Choose a Leader

The best way to plan a group trip is to start by choosing a team leader. The plan won’t go wrong if you choose someone responsible, well organized, and who can communicate effectively.

If the work is too much for one person, divide the plan into smaller parts. Choose a planner for each part. In the end, consolidate all the planners’ ideas into one plan and select one person to lead the plan.

Play to the strengths of the planners. If one planner is good at taking care of logistics, ask him to plan that part of your trip.

If you are all indecisive about who should plan what, choose someone by letting fate decide. For example, draw cards to see who is planning each part of the trip.

If playing cards isn’t your thing, you can always choose a planner at random. The idea is that you let chance decide instead of leaving it up to everyone to fight out in an endless debate.

Come Up With a Budget

Nothing is worse than going broke during a trip. You plan a whole bunch of things you want to do together and then run out of money halfway through.

Before deciding anything, make sure you know how much everyone can afford to spend on each part of the trip. Of course, your plan should be as frugal as possible without making uncomfortable sacrifices.

Also, consider having a single pot of money that everyone contributes to. It can be used to plan the trip and plan activities together. At the end of the trip, your planners can also decide who gets what from that pot. This makes group vacation planning a lot easier and more united.

When each planner has their own money, there are bound to be disagreements over who spent how much on what, where, and when.

Pick Your Dates Carefully

You planned an amazing trip, but then there’s a problem: Some members have to study that week and can’t join you. You plan again for the next week… But now someone wants to spend time with their family during that time.

This is why it’s important to plan your dates carefully. Some months are better than others depending on holidays or exams at school. Make sure everyone has the same dates in mind before you plan anything. You can plan your trip at school, workplace, or over a chat group on Facebook.

Research Your Destination

You plan to go hiking up Mt. Everest because it’s the highest mountain in the world, and everyone thinks that’s pretty cool. Then someone tells you that it’s actually more dangerous than fun and has killed many people who tried climbing it without proper equipment.

This is why you should always research your destination thoroughly before planning a trip for a large group. There are many resources online for traveling tips: guidebooks, travel forums, blogs by travelers from all over the world, etcetera.

Choose Activities Carefully

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take pictures or videos of your activities so that you can enjoy them again after the trip. However, consider whether those activities actually benefit everyone in your plan, especially when trying new things.

For example, when planning your next trip to the beach, think about this: If you plan to go surfing and five people in the group don’t know how to surf at all, that can be dangerous and a waste of time for everyone involved.

Choose an activity everyone is familiar with and already has experience with: like swimming. You could also plan other more challenging activities for those members who want to learn something new but aren’t ready yet to do it on their own.

Choose activities that everyone is willing to do.

Choose the Right People

A trip is much more fun when you invite the right people along. Try to choose people who get along well with each other and are willing to compromise: think of the interests of everyone involved.

It’s not a good idea to plan a trip with someone you don’t know that well, because there can be problems later on. For example, if one person doesn’t want to go bowling anymore, but the rest do, this could lead to arguments between that planner and those participating in the activity.

Consequently, it’s easy for conflicts between friends during a group trip to escalate and become much worse than they would have been otherwise. Therefore, try planning trips with your closest friends instead of just whoever.

Plan Small Get-Togethers Before Your Big Trip

Planning a big trip can be stressful and demanding because of conflicting interests or how much free time each member has available.

To ease tension and plan better for the big version of this plan, plan small get-togethers to prepare for what will come next. The more you plan together as friends, the easier it will be to work together as a travel group later on.

Book Accommodation

You’ve planned to go camping for three days but have no clue about where to stay. One planner says it might be fun booking a hotel, and another wants you all to sleep at their house (because they live nearby).

It’s easy for these arguments to occur when planning travel because everyone has different ideas on how things should be done.

However, these are rarely good bets. They can’t guarantee what kind of condition your accommodation will actually have. It could end up being much less comfortable than what was advertised online.

A great option is home-sharing. You can use a service like Airbnb to find someone who has an extra room in their home or apartment and is willing to rent it out for a short amount of time.

This way you won’t have to worry about paying for an expensive hotel room. You’re also more likely to use the kitchen and get to know locals, which is always a great experience.

Are you interested in learning more about home sharing? Visit thirdhome.com.

Plan a Group Trip That You’ll Live To Remember

Planning a group trip is pretty easy if you follow the tips from this article. Just remember to prepare in advance and keep positive communication with everyone involved.

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