5 Helpful Soccer Betting Tips


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For 2021, U.S. soccer betting revenue projections are shown to be up to 1.3 billion dollars. With the newest wave of lowered betting regulations and high revenues, many experts believe that the worth of soccer betting will only increase in the coming years.

With such a high monetary value, it’s understandable that many are interested in soccer betting. If you’re interested in soccer betting, here are five tips for sports betting for beginners.

1. Understand Different Betting Markets

Understanding the various betting markets will help improve your betting game. With this knowledge, you’re more likely to avoid making mistakes and instead choose the best market for you.

The standard market for soccer betting are match result bets. The standard bet types are known as Moneyline wagers or match-winners. They are the basic “choose the winner” wager.

There is also Double Chance betting, which is a play on the match result bet. This version is easier to win but has shorter odds.

On top of these markets there are even more types of bets you can make with soccer. Some are more focused on the scores made at different points of the game, whereas others are dependent on the moves of certain players.

2. Research Teams and Players

When betting on soccer it’s crucial to have knowledge about the teams and players you’re betting on. While examining the teams and players, there are some things you should consider, such as the following:

  • What are the current results of the teams?
  • Who is injured?
  • How is the team’s defense/attack?

These considerations are good to help you profit from games by placing bets wisely.

3. Keep a Betting Record

By keeping a record of your soccer bets, you increase your winning chances in later games. Some things you should include in your records are:

  • Winning and losing bets
  • Amount of money placed in each bet
  • Amount of loss or profit made in each bet
  • Any strategies you use for a specific bet

Having a betting record will help you determine who or what to place bets on in later games. It’s also a great way to keep financial track of your overall betting costs.

4. Calculate the Odds

Odds checkers are easy online ways to calculate the odds of a specific bet. These are offered for a variety of sports, not just soccer. An odds checker shows the payout rate per sports betting website and game.

5. Participate In Large Competitions

Larger bets are available for bigger competitions. The most popular soccer competitions include:

  • Champions League
  • World Cup
  • Europa League
  • MLS
  • Copa Libertadores

In addition to these competitions, there are also domestic European leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, and Premier League.

Win Money By Soccer Betting

By utilizing these five sports betting tips, you’ll have a better chance at developing a working betting strategy, resulting in more wins. Overall, take time understanding the game and the markets in order to make the best choices while soccer betting.

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