How to Get Everyone Around You Into the Christmas Spirit


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Do you love to celebrate the holidays? You probably encounter the occasional humbug, putting a damper on your natural joy. Some people relate more to the grumpy characters of our favorite Christmas stories, like Scrooge or the Grinch.

If you love Santa, presents, and sledding, you may be able to spread your feelings to less enthusiastic friends and family members. Use our tips below to help get your loved ones in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Music

You may love Christmas music and listen to it all year round. Yet those who have a hard time getting into the spirit of Christmas may not appreciate it as much. There are two ways you can use music to help them get over the challenge.

First, help them find Christmas music in their preferred genre. For example, if they like hard rock, why not introduce them to the Dropkick Murphys’ “The Season’s Upon Us,” a snarky look at family Christmas celebrations in traditional rock style. They might also enjoy “Jingle Bell Rock” by Thousand Foot Krutch, a hard rock version of the traditional tune.

You can find plenty of variations on traditional Christmas music, in musical stylings from blues and jazz to folk and Irish. Your reluctant family members don’t have to listen to the overplayed classics they find on the radio.

Second, try not to play Christmas music for them until after Thanksgiving. Only listening to these songs when the season is appropriate may help them appreciate it more, rather than forcing them to listen months ahead of the holiday.

Find the Christmas Spirit with Decorations

Not everyone knows how to get in the Christmas spirit, but when they see beautiful Christmas décor it can help. Just don’t decorate too early. One thing regular Grinches like to complain about is how early stores put out Christmas decorations.

If you want to help your family and friends get into the Christmas spirit, wait until after Thanksgiving to put out your toy soldiers and put up the tree.

Give Them a Treat

One of the best things to get you into the Christmas spirit is the delicious food offerings of the holiday season. This may be hard if they have dietary restrictions or if they don’t like the usual baked goods your family makes.

Instead of keeping to your usual recipes, why not make a special effort to find out what your loved ones will appreciate more? Does someone hate walnuts? Leave them out of the fruitcake.

Did someone get sick after eating gingerbread one year? Forgo the gingerbread and choose Snowballs instead this year. You can even modify the sweetener for keto or diabetic diets so that everyone can be included this season.

Holiday Favorites

It can be hard to encourage others to get into the Christmas spirit, especially when you don’t understand where they’re coming from. Having a little empathy as you seek out their objections to the holidays can go a long way to finding new traditions they will appreciate.

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