5 Signs That You Are Being Visited by a Guardian Angel


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Most people believe in some kind of higher power. Some call it God, others call it divine consciousness, spiritual connection, or energy.

Regardless of the name, believing in this power allows you to look beyond the physical realm and makes you more receptive to signs and signals.

You may put these signs down to the work of a spirit or guardian angel. But how do you know if you have a guardian angel watching over you? Keep reading to find out some signs to look out for.

1. Butterflies

Butterflies represent messengers for divine beings and our departed loved ones.

If butterflies appear from nowhere and start to hover over you, pay attention. Their physical presence can mean that an angel close by has sent them to tell you something.

Their paths are not as erratic and random as they seem. Watch the direction they fly in and try to understand their message. Often, they want to guide you toward happiness.

2. Rainbows

A rainbow appearing in the sky at the end of a bad day is no coincidence, it’s one of the clearest signs from heaven you can receive.

A guardian angel may be trying to let you know that there are better times ahead. They’re showing you that looking up leads to beauty and wonder, and that you’re not alone during these trying times.

3. Ringing in Your Ear

Guardian angel signs can also appear within us. One of the strongest is a ringing in left ear sensation. While ringing in the right ear provides confirmation and a promise of success, ringing in the left ear is more of a warning.

After all, we can sometimes end up on the wrong path. And what is a guardian angel if not the force we need to tell us that it’s time to stop and turn back? Make sure to listen if you experience this sign from heaven.

4. A White Feather

A lone white feather in an unexpected place or at a significant time is a clear sign that divine beings are close by.

Winged angels can use feathers of all shapes and sizes to communicate with you. Like many guardian angel signs, a lone feather reassures you of their presence and guidance.

In their gentle, subtle way, your guardian angel is letting you know that they are there in bad times and good. And, that, sometimes, you might find the answers you’ve been looking for in the most unexpected places.

5. Nostalgic Scents

Divine beings know how evocative scents can be. They have the power to transport us back in time, filling our hearts and minds with clear memories of loved ones we’ve lost.

If an unexpected yet familiar scent suddenly fills the air, it’s a clear sign that someone special is looking over you from above. Think back to who it reminds you of and you might have some idea of the message your guardian angel is trying to send you.

Signs You Have a Guardian Angel

Some signs that a guardian angel is watching over you are clearer and easier to interpret than others. But, now you know what to look for, you’re less likely to miss even the subtlest signs when they appear.

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