8 days of November food celebrations (Thanksgiving not included!)

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November might include one of the holidays most known for having an abundance of food, but Thanksgiving isn’t the only sustenance-packed celebratory option. As it turns out, the fall-festive month is simply peppered with “food days” (see what I did there?). Check out 10 November calendar days dedicated to a diverse collection of eats and drinks and how to use them as an entertaining focal point.

Nov. 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day

The wonderful thing about vanilla is it can be paired with endless other flavors, fruits and frostings. To celebrate Vanilla Cupcake Day with sweet-tooth friends, invite each guest to bring a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Encourage them to take inspiration from Kitchenfoliage.com, which recommends topping vanilla cupcakes with chai-spiced, coffee, Champagne or strawberry buttercream frosting. After exchanging cakes, set up a sample plate for each person and serve a formal tea or provide a coffee station (don’t forget vanilla syrup and/or powder).

Carry over the vanilla theme with vanilla-scented candles, white flowers, pearls and twinkling-white lights strung about your entertaining space.

Nov. 12: National French Dip Day

Celebrating the French dip sandwich — composed of thinly sliced beef served atop a French roll, with melted cheese and au jus — can go far beyond the sandwich itself. Think about inviting guests to also take a dip in the spa/hot tub (yours or a community pool/spa). Or, have a nail-dip party. If the traditional French dip isn’t your thing, feel free to modify it (ex.: with veggie options) and incorporate a variety of dipping sauces. Yummly.com has a host of dipping recipes from Thai peanut and apricot Dijon to buffalo blue cheese and cabernet peppercorn.


Nov. 14: National Pickle Day

They can top a sandwich or hamburger, be sliced and fried to perfection or end up in a macaroni salad. But honoring the cucumber’s beloved cousin doesn’t have to stop at serving traditional pickle dishes. Those invited to a pickle party can be challenged to craft more unusual pickle recipes such as Polish Dill Pickle Soup and Skinny Dilly Pickle Fries (see recipes on PureWow.com).

Not expressly a fan of the pickle? Many other veggies can be pickled instead — peppers, green beans, carrots, etc. In which case, a pickling party can substitute a pickle party.

Nov. 17: National Homemade Bread Day


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