8 fresh recipes that go easily from farmers market to table

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(Editor's Note: This story was originally published Sept. 1, 2021.)

Labor Day is generally considered the unofficial end of summer and all the fun things that go with it.

Come September, the kids are back in school, the beaches clear out and even the sun makes a break for it, disappearing below the horizon earlier and earlier each day.

Backyard gardeners don't mind fall; they're busy harvesting end of the season produce. While my basil and shishito peppers continue to go gangbusters, I've pulled out most of my "Better Boy" and "Striped Zebra" tomatoes plants, which withered during the last heat wave. As for that row of zucchini I had such high hopes for in June, well, it never quite took off, thanks to the hungry groundhog that munched on them daily.

But we all can still eat fresh, local and seasonally, thanks to farmers markets. Fall is one of the best times to buy because such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are in season.

Can't wait to get started? Below, we share eight recipes that use some of the most popular fall produce. Some include multiple veggies, doubling and even tripling your eating pleasure. Bon appetit!




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