This year’s best gifts for your plant people

Lisa Boone, Jeanette Marantos and Jan Molen, Los Angeles Times on

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Gardeners love their gadgets, especially if they make work easier, yet so many of us are also spendthrifts, reluctant to drop our coin on the tools and accessories we secretly crave.

That’s where you come in, mighty gift giver, making those covetous garden wishes come true.

Braid & Wood plant hanger

Enjoy your hanging plants from every angle with this three-dimensional plant hanger from San Diego-based Braid & Wood. The hanger features frosted white stainless steel rings, a maple hardwood base and natural cotton cording and comes in three sizes and a choice of pot color. The hanger can also be hung from the wall. Plants not included.

$44-$88 | braidandwood.com

Opinel Garden Knife Trio


Opinel folding knives, with their handsome wood handles and sturdy-locking mechanisms, have long been a requirement for any serious European trekker as an easy-to-carry tool for cutting cheeses, salamis and crusty loaves of bread. Now, Opinel has added a curved pruning knife, a garden saw and a garden knife to its arsenal — foldable tools that gardeners can carry in their pockets for making quick trims on small branches, faded blooms or ripe fruit. Think Jean-Luc Picard wandering his vineyard in France, pruning knife in hand, thoughtfully sampling a few grapes as he ponders his next journey to the Final Frontier, and you’ve got the right vibe. The knives in the set come in lovely colors — apple green, purple and tangerine. You can also buy the knives separately, with plain wooden handles ($17 to $35).

$69 | opinel-usa.com

‘Black in the Garden’ coloring book

This 20-page coloring book from Colah B. Tawkin, host of the podcast “Black in the Garden,” features botanical illustrations by Portland, Ore., artist Paula Champagne and is the perfect gift for budding botanists.


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