TikTok-approved skin care products perfect for stockings

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What does your brain look like on skin care TikTok? Here are the signs: suddenly inquiring if everyone in your family put on their sunscreen today. Talking constantly about something called "slugging." Ordering pimple patches in bulk. Asking for LED devices for your birthday instead of, you know, jewelry. Having a nighttime routine that includes multiple well-researched steps.

While the world of skin care on the internet can be downright intimidating — and sometimes even filled with misinformation and faulty claims — it can also be delightful, interesting and informative. Some viral products are viral for good reason, and tips from trusted estheticians and dermatologists can never hurt.

Skin care is one of those things that's deeply personal and highly subjective. There are different needs, budgets and desires. What's worth it? What's not? Here's what's hot in the world of internet — and real life — skin care.

Dieux Forever Eye Masks

Dieux founders Charlotte Palermino, Joyce de Lemos and Marta Freedman wanted to make an eye mask that wasn't hell on the environment, and inadvertently made something that doubles as a killer tool for doing winged makeup. The Forever Eye Mask is an eco-friendly alternative to throw-away eye masks, and you can use it with the products already in your skincare fridge (the masks, made of pure medical grade silicone, will help creams, serums and gels penetrate deeper into the sensitive skin around your eyes). Their limited-edition Tattoo Forever Eye Masks were made in collaboration with L.A. artist David Enth.

$25 | dieuxskin.com


Black Girl Sunscreen

When it comes to something as essential as sunscreen, SkinTok has … opinions. One of the most widely debated things is how to avoid the dreaded white cast — when sunscreen leaves a white, pasty residue on your skin — an issue that is especially prevalent for people of color trying to protect themselves from UVA/UVB rays. Enter Black Girl Suncreen, an SPF 30 lotion made cruelty-free, vegan and infused with jojoba and avocado oils.

$18.99 | blackgirlsunscreen.com

Starface Hydro-Stars


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