Shopping for Gen Z? Gifts for the ‘youths’ on your list

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Technically, Gen Z accounts for anyone born from roughly 1996 to 2010. Maybe that’s you, and you’re just looking for ideas. But if Gen Z makes you think of a teen or young adult in your life who wears clothes that were popular 20 to 30 years ago and says things like, “I don’t dream of labor,” this list is for you too. Maybe you don’t quite get it, but you can still get them something fun, cool and weird that speaks to their creativity, mindfulness and individuality.

Gratitude Journal from Poketo

The Gratitude Journal, from L.A.-based lifestyle brand Poketo, is perfect for someone who’s into journaling and working on ways to improve their emotional well-being. The journal includes tips and writing prompts to help the owner through a yearlong journey to, hopefully, expand gratitude in their life.

$28 | poketo.com

The Beanie Bracelet from Ian Charms

Think of Ian Charms as an elevated version of the charm bracelets that millennial and Gen X girls made in middle school. The brand, started by L.A.-based designer Lisa Sahakian, has a very hip, celebrity clientele, including Justin Bieber, Pete Davidson and Olivia Rodrigo. Dua Lipa is obsessed. “Dua is the perfect Ian Charms customer,” Sahakian told British Vogue earlier this year. “She’s confident but doesn’t take herself too seriously.” Get the bracelet, or splurge on a necklace, for the confident-but-doesn’t-take-themselves-too-seriously young adult in your life.


$65 | iancharms.com

Rise puzzle from Inner Piece

L.A.-based Inner Piece bills itself as a puzzle company that “spreads quiet time in a loud, distracted world.” Help spread some peace and quiet with this 1,000-piece puzzle featuring Afro-futurist art by visual designer Thais Silva.

$35 | findinnerpiece.com


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