Gifts for the very online person in your life

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Rickey Thompson iPhone case from Wildflower

If you're reading this, the person you're shopping for probably spends a decent chunk of time on their phone. Why not give them the gift of a trendy-looking one? Wildflower, an L.A.-based, women-owned company, frequently partners with influencers on limited-edition phone cases. We like their recent partnership with Rickey Thompson, who rose to fame from his viral comedic videos on Vine and Instagram.

$35 | wildflowercases.com

Love Without Reason dad hat from LaRayia's Bodega

LaRayia Gaston's Westlake bodega doesn't just offer low-cost meals and $1 snacks for the community — there's also a collection of crystals, jewelry, shirts, household items and hats, including this '90s-style dad hat.

$33.33 | larayiasbodega.com


Chemex starter kit from Canyon Coffee

I personally spend a lot of time online, and a lot of time drinking coffee, and so the two have become connected to me. Reading about different ways to brew coffee, different tools I can use, and what different beans from different parts of the world taste like has been my version of quarantine sourdough. If you know someone like me (or if you actually know me!), get them this Chemex starter kit, which comes with a bag of the L.A.-based roaster's coffee.

$72 | canyoncoffee.co

Go Get Em Tiger coffee subscription


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