Gifts for the very online person in your life

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Everyone's internet experience is different, which means there's no one way to be "very online." This gift guide is our attempt to address that. For some, online-ness means a nice laptop and phone cases. For others, it means being involved in social justice causes and supporting meaningful organizations. And in a lot of cases it means they've seen all the good memes before you.

Here are gifts to show your appreciation and encourage people to rest their eyes once in a while too.

Forvr Mood candles

Influencer merch can be hit or miss, but YouTube star Jackie Aina's fun and flirty candles — with names like Thotumn and Bad and Boozy — are perfect for friends or loved ones who learned how to do makeup on YouTube.

$35+ | forvrmood.com

A Cameo


Literally everyone who is slightly famous or just past their 15 minutes of fame is on Cameo. If you're shopping for the type of person who has everything they need, surprise them with something that serves zero actual value save for maybe a good laugh. While a Cameo from pro-skater (and "Masked Singer" star?) Tony Hawk costs $250, a video from William Knight, who went viral for his "there's no such thing as a coincidence" TikTok meme, is $99. He's been expecting you.

Varies | cameo.com

'Crying in H Mart' from Reparations Club

This memoir from Michelle Zauner, a singer-songwriter known as Japanese Breakfast, started off as a popular essay in the New Yorker about grief, mourning and growing up Korean. Soon, it will be a movie. And while it might seem counterintuitive to get a book from a physical bookstore for an online person, stores like L.A.'s Black-owned Reparations Club host many of the IRL and virtual book readings and speaking events online people love to be the first to know about.


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