8 breakfast recipes worthy of Christmas morning

Daniel Neman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch on

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Do not let the name concern you; a Hobo Breakfast is a sophisticated, multilevel meal.

The base is a meatless hash, just potatoes and onions cooked together until the potatoes are crispy. On top of that layer goes poached eggs, and few foods create more of a sense of elegance than poached eggs.

And on top of that is a cream sauce, but it is so much more than a cream sauce. This sauce begins with a roux, which is pretty fancy to begin with, and then adds half-and-half, bacon and shredded cheese that melts into the sauce.

Hobos never had it so good.

I also took the festive route for dessert. I made Aromatic Pears, which are pears that are poached in a simple syrup spiced with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and a bit of ginger.

When you eat it, you will not be the first person to say, “This tastes just like Christmas.”


Don’t forget to serve whipped cream on the side. Not only does it add another dollop of luxury, it also softens and rounds the tones of the spices that have soaked into the pear.

And then I made one more dessert for your family and guests to nibble on while they sit at the table after the meal is over but they are not yet ready to leave the good company and good feelings that come from a wonderful meal.

Cinnamon Cookies are just the thing for that lazy time of post-meal fellowship and love. They are simple to make, crisp and unfussy. They taste of nothing but cinnamon, butter and brown sugar; an unbeatable combination that everyone loves.

Think of them as one last Christmas present.


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