8 breakfast recipes worthy of Christmas morning

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It’s Christmas morning. The presents have been opened. Everything is festive and there is a sense of good cheer in the air.

Now: What’s for breakfast?

Christmas breakfast is a special occasion that does not get the attention that is given to many other noteworthy meals. But it should stand out as a particularly happy time, a meal for celebration. A bowl of Cheerios just won't cut it.

If you had the good fortune to grill a standing rib roast for Christmas Eve, the next day’s breakfast is a no-brainer: Chop up some of the leftover beef, add diced potatoes and slap a poached egg on top, and you’ll have the best hash of your life.

But if you happen not to have leftover grilled standing rib roast on hand, Christmas breakfast can still be a time of comfort as well as joy.

To prove that theory, I made seven dishes — or so I thought. When I later checked, I discovered I had actually made eight. I am apparently not great at some of the higher levels of advanced math, such as counting.


In my defense, one of them is so easy it barely registers as a dish. But it is too good to ignore. Tangerine-Grapefruit Juice is made by combining freshly squeezed tangerine juice with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

It’s simple, but it’s wonderful. The juice is light and refreshing, without the heaviness and sour tang of orange juice. The flavors of the two citrus juices play off each other in a most delightful way, and there is something else about this drink, too: It is even better with a splash of gin. You know, to make your day merry and bright.

All the best breakfasts begin with muffins, so I appropriately started mine with Coffee Pecan Muffins. They were so insanely addictive I probably ate far more of them than I should. In fact, these are the muffins that will launch a thousand day-after-Christmas diets.

The coffee flavor is subtle in them, but it is also the most important taste. The pecans and brown sugar in the batter bring out the best undertones in the coffee, but none of the bitterness. The recipe comes from a now-closed inn in California that said the muffins were one of their most-requested items in their rotating breakfast buffet, and it is easy to see why. If you stayed there, you’d ask for these muffins, too.


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