BBQ My Way: Smoked pork chop with pizzaiola sauce

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I love pork chops. Liz, not so much. I think pork chops are a blank culinary canvas capable of taking on all kinds of flavors and textures. Liz thinks pork, unless smoked or stuffed with an interesting filling, is simply boring. This recipe is definitely an exception, as it passed the “Liz test.”

There is a chef who I get a kick out of by the name of Nick Stellino. He is from Italy originally but has been here in the states for sometime now. This is his recipe, slightly altered with the smoking of the pork chops. I also added some gnocchi. Some of the amounts have been altered to fit our taste. He (Nick) uses his own pork rub, which is very similar to my pork rub recipe. He stated that he picked up this idea from the world of American barbecue. Heck, I’ve published mine a number of times. For all I know it’s my pork rub recipe. If so I am flattered. Either way, let’s get started.




4 bones pork chops (from the loin) cut to 1-inch thickness


2 cups Italian breadcrumbs

Dave’s pork rub (Google “Dave’s pork rub BBQ My Way”)

Sauce ingredients

1 12-ounce can crushed tomatoes


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