Trust in the tried-and-true back-of-the-box recipes for Easter

Arthi Subramaniam, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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Recipes from the back of boxes, packages or cans are godsent for an Easter dinner and can tug at your heartstrings in any year, but especially this one.

They are minimalists, featuring easy-to-find ingredients and simple-to-follow directions. And that is exactly what is needed during these gloom-and-doom days brought upon by the COVID-19, which has disrupted holiday festivities.

So while we are cooped up in our homes, why not turn to recipes found on staple items in the pantry cupboard, refrigerator or freezer for some of the best tried-and-true dishes.

Some of the cans, boxes and packages feature the recipes in their entirety. Others feature photographs of entrees, sides and pies along with the product’s website to learn how to make them.

Not only are most of the recipes budget-friendly for these uncertain times but also they don’t advocate complicated techniques.

The recipes do not judge you for the gadgets and kitchen tools you own, or don’t. So when they call for something to be mixed, you can use your faithful rubber spatula, cheap or pricey blender or state-of-the-art food processor.


Being product-based, the recipes’ sole aim is to shamelessly tout the manufacturing company and the other products made by it. This does not mean that you have to do that, too.

If you don’t have King Arthur flour for the bread, cake or cookie recipe, use Pillsbury or the store-brand one already in your pantry. The chocolate chip cookies will come out just fine whether the semisweet morsels are made by Ghirardelli or Nestle Toll House. Other than the difference in price and preference in brand, one company’s sweetened condensed milk is no different from another.

Also, with travel restrictions, there is no need to make a grocery store run just in order to follow a recipe verbatim. Stay within the parameters, and you will have a winner in your hands.

The best part of following the recipe on a can or box is that you already have one of the ingredients — you are looking at it.


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