A pair of lucky recipes for St. Patrick's Day

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Everybody, it seems, has at least a drop of Irish blood flowing through his or her body on March 17. Chances are your celebration will involve a glass or three of beer or maybe a car bomb or shot of Irish whiskey. But you’ve got to eat, too, if you want to wake up with a clear head the next morning.

To that end, we offer two dishes with Irish roots — one savory, one sweet.

The first pairs homemade pork sausages with the classic Irish potato-and-cabbage dish known as colcannon. It’s great for breakfast or, reheated after a long night out, for soaking up whatever alcohol hasn't yet made it into your bloodstream.

The other is a simple but still elegant two-layer cake flavored with coffee and cocoa. It’s from Galway chef JP McMahon’s new tome, “The Irish Cookbook,” and was inspired by a cake his great-aunt Betty used to make when he was a child. Garnished with toasted walnuts and roasted coffee beans, it’s sure to become a family favorite.




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Colcannon, which marries mashed potatoes with sauteed cabbage, is a classic Irish dish. It goes perfectly with homemade sausages and applesauce.

The sausage links are fairly mild, so feel free to add a little dried sage, brown sugar or a pinch of red pepper flakes to the mix. I also allowed the colcannon to brown a little longer in the pan, creating a crispy crust.

For sausages


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