Phil Collins' ex Orianne filing for divorce from husband Thomas Bates

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Phil Collins' ex-wife Orianne Collins is filing for divorce from her husband Thomas Bates.

The 47-year-old jewellery designer had claimed she got married due to the "emotional stress of COVID quarantine", and the pair have now split over a year after exchanging vows at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in August 2020.

In an Instagram statement dated on Friday (12.03.21), she wrote: "I am filing for divorce from my husband, Thomas Bates.

"I believe the emotional stress of the COVID quarantine caused me to act in ways and do things that were out of character.

"Fortunately, I have faced challenging situations before and like I always have, I will muster all the strength I can, the best team I can find and the courage to do the right thing."

Orianne - who added that the split will be dealt with "behind closed doors" - thanked everyone for their support.

She continued: "Thank you to so many who have supported me in the past - it means so much to my family and me.

"And to be clear: my intention is to let our attorneys deal with this resolution behind closed doors, and not in the media, which is why I am posting this statement on my personal account."

Meanwhile, her ex Phil is set to sit down for a filmed deposition this month to be grilled by her lawyers as part of the former couple's ongoing legal dispute over their mansion in Florida - which the designer claims she was verbally promised half of by her former spouse - after Judge Carlos Guzman ruled in October that the case can go ahead.


Orianne's spokesperson said: "We are happy for the win in this matter, look forward to the case moving forward, and as she has said from the beginning, we expect justice to be served."

Her lawyer, Richard Wolfe added: "I have spoken with Phil's counsel and anticipate his deposition sometime in December after his current tour.

"We have always been ready and willing to discuss a resolution. Orianne has warm feelings for Phil as they have children together and she only wants what is fair and reasonable, and what Phil agreed to."

Phil had tried to prevent his former spouse from suing him for half of their former Miami Beach home but now the case is moving forward, he must face questions from Orianne's legal team about various allegations she has previously made, including alleging the 70-year-old singer abused alcohol and prescription medication, didn't brush his teeth for months, stopped showering,and became "depressed, abusive and incapable of having sex".

The Genesis singer's lawyers have insisted the claims are "scandalous, scurrilous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated" and argued her allegations are "totally immaterial" to the dispute over the house.

The former couple married in 1999 before splitting seven years later, only to reunite in 2016 but their rekindled relationship didn't last and they went their separate ways.

At the time of their split, the 'One More Night' singer was ordered to pay a record-breaking divorce settlement of $46.76 million.