Liam Gallagher left shaken after ghost encounter

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Liam Gallagher was left shaken after staying in a "haunted" mansion.

The 49-year-old musician revealed he woke up after a night of sleep to find all of the furniture in his room at the 11-bedroom Monnow Valley Studio near Monmouth, Wales, had been moved around and he became convinced the mansion was inhabited by ghosts.

In an excerpt from new book 'Supersonic', obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, he explained: "I go to bed, wake up in the morning and all the furniture is moved round.

"I go downstairs going 'Look, it must be f***ing haunted, I've got to change room'."

Liam was staying in the palatial residence while recording 'Definitely Maybe' with Oasis and admitted he barely remembers any of the songs he worked on because he was so scared.


He said: "I don't remember much recording, just s***ing me pants because it was haunted."

Guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs also believed the place was haunted.

He recalled: "One of the staff says 'So, who's sleeping in Room Three?', Liam replies 'That's me'. 'Alright', came the reply 'You got the haunted one then'.

"We were just like 'What are you on about? A ghost?' And she was like 'Yeah, real ghosts'."