Kacey Musgraves can be 'cold and standoffish'

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Kacey Musgraves admitted she can come across as "standoffish" and "cold".

The 'breadwinner' hitmaker is very "detail-oriented" when it comes to her work and she will always speak out if she thinks something isn't going the way that it should but she admitted she doesn't always come across in the right way.

She told V magazine: "If I'm seeing something that isn't coming to fruition the right way, I will say that. I'm very detail-oriented, but details are important. Sometimes I feel like the world is run on details. If you don't know me, I think that I can come across as a little bit standoffish [and] cold sometimes, but in reality, I'm pretty shy."

The 'Biscuits' singer always has her eyes set on her end goal and people will have a hard time changing her mind.

She added: "When it comes to my art, I have a really strict internal compass as to what's going to work for me or not. And if I don't align with something, you can't convince me that it's going to be right for me."


Last year, Kacey split from husband Ruston Kelly after three years of marriage and though the idea of filing for divorce was intimidating, she's happy she made the "ultimate decision" to put herself first.

She said: "When you lose something in your life -- it might be a friendship or relationship, or even a business relationship or something like that -- we're all conditioned to think, 'Oh my gosh, this one thing is ending. This is the worst; it shouldn't be this way.'

"But it's really cool that life can have this beautiful surprise around the corner from you.

"It's the ultimate decision you can make for yourself, to move on from something that isn't serving you or that other person anymore."