Mel B reportedly omitted from Adele TV show after X-rated comment

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Mel B was reportedly omitted from 'An Audience With Adele' after making an X-rated comment about a sex toy.

Insiders at the event - which was filmed earlier this month at the London Palladium before airing on ITV on Sunday (21.11.21) - revealed that the Spice Girl fluffed her lines as she went to question the mega star before she made a gaffe about an adult aid.

Show bosses decided to spare Mel and Adele's blushes by cutting the embarrassing moment from the final edit.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Mel was her usual brilliant self at Adele's Audience With but ITV decided they just couldn't keep her moment in.

"She was tasked with asking a question about the best gift Adele had ever received but when the cameras were on her she said she felt silly asking it.

"Then she made a joke and said she could answer the question for Adele and said it was a vibrator.


"No one really laughed but Adele made a wise crack about it and moved on."

The source added: "There's no bad blood or issue between them, ITV just couldn't air it because not only was it awkward as hell - it was a family show and there would be kids watching."

Adele, 33, also took a swipe at her exes during the TV special as she quipped that "most of them" wouldn't have the talent to write a song because they aren't very good at simple tasks.

The 'Easy On Me' hitmaker said: "I can't imagine any of them would really be able to do it, because most of them, like, couldn't even do a normal daily task.

"Most of them. Not all of them. So I don't think they'd get away with it."