Jeremy O.Harris begs Adele to see his plays

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Adele left Jeremy O. Harris devastated when she left his play before it started because it was too long.

The playwright was stunned to learn the 'Easy on Me' singer was keen to see his Off-Broadway production 'Daddy' and managed to obtain tickets for her at the last minute, but he was horrified when she walked out of the theatre 10 minutes before curtain up because the smell from the swimming pool used in the set was making her feel nauseous.

After recounting how the production was sold out but he ultimately secured six tickets for the 33-year-old superstar on the same weekend she was spotted with Jennifer Lawrence on the 'Joy' actress' hen party, he admitted he was unsure whether to tell the cast, which was led by Alan Cumming and Hari Neff but ultimately the decision was taken out of his hands.

He tweeted: "Danya [Taylor, director] and I freak out. At this point we are still green theatremakers who've had some brushes with the kind of dream celeb shout outs in support of the work that can be life changing, but ADELE IS ADELE and this was huge.

"Our biggest question was do we tell the cast?

"Before We could decide… @harinef texted and said "WAIT IS ADELE COMING TONIGHT?"


"on this show @harinef & @Alancumming in equal measure always knew the tea before it was ever spilled.

"We said, "yes". Then it was leaked. And every actor got backstage 4hrs before curtain.

"To be fair so did Danya and I but rust was also because Adele's security had to come and check the entire theatre for the best entrances and exits. (sic)"

But the cast and crew's excitement was dampened before the show when Adele abruptly left.


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