Jack Whitehall's house floods

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Jack Whitehall has had to move out of his new house after it was damaged by floods.

The 'Jungle Cruise' actor - who is dating model Roxy Horner - only bought his £17.5 million abode in Notting Hill, west London, last month but he's been left "gutted" after heavy rainfall last week saw water deluge the kitchen and dining area, leaving the parquet flooring ruined and him left temporarily living in a hotel.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "He's gutted. Talk about putting a dampener on moving in. The house is incredible and he loves it. There's even a lift and swimming pool in it. He wasn't expecting the kitchen to become a pool as well.

"Roxy doesn't live there full time but she is there most of the week now and it would definitely make the perfect home to start a family.

"It has loads of bedrooms and a nice outdoor space.

"The courtyard is enclosed at the back and it started to flood very quickly.


"The rain was unbelievable and just didn't stop coming.

"It started to flood into the back of the house, it came into the kitchen.

"They had to move out while the repairs are being done. The flooring was ruined and it was really expensive stuff.

"That all needs to be replaced now."


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